Late Night, New Material

15 01 2010

After a long, restless night of work and stress, the final Edward Hopper painting stories are complete!  In mine, I capture the story of Dennis, and older man who years to travel the world and experience its wonders.  He is held back, however, by his wife Annie, who is content with their current state of affairs and wants nothing of such experiences.  The video features the talented voice of David Gwynn as both Dennis and Annie.

Additionally, our pictures for the Elon University underground gallery have been completed.  Using photographs from earlier this semester, I focused on the theme of changing perspectives and how it leads to new ideas and approaches to everyday life.  You may recognize the background as the photo of my dorm room ceiling with the light and shadow inverted.  I felt that this was an appropriate manner in which to highlight the main message behind the image.  The remaining images are of my suite-mate Phil, who assisted me with several silhouette photos.


Is That REAL???

14 01 2010

This assignment seriously pushed the limits of my Photoshop prowess and took a while to plan out, let alone execute.  I’d say that, for the most part, I am very pleased with how they turned out given my lack of experience in creating images like these.

This photo was taken outside my residence hall.  The image is grainy because I had the exposure set very high to get enough light to see what I was doing, but I think it actually helps accentuate the feel of the picture.  I took multiple images of Christian’s body from other photos and placed them around the scenery.  I also copied his bag to help the viewer realize that each figure is meant to be the same person.

This photo, unlike the previous one, was extremely easy to shoot and extremely difficult to edit.  I took a picture of my acoustic guitar laying on the carpet in my dorm, then copied the image, inverted it, rotated it 180 degrees, and positioned the two images so that they overlapped at the base of the guitar.  From there it was a matter of balancing the levels of the two photos so the wood lighting matched and using multiple layers of erasing and filling to create an illusion of the two guitars existing as one.

Sticking with the guitar theme, this is an up-close picture of my band’s lead guitarist wailing on his axe.  I took multiple shots like this, then copied his hand in one and repositioned it on the fret in the first picture.  The key to making this picture work was ensuring that there was enough space for the hand to fit appropriately on the fretboard.  Fortunately it turned out to be a near-perfect match!

This is my suite-mate and band drummer Phil going Danny Federici-style on his keyboard.  I originally wanted to put an entire third hand in the picture but this proved to be too difficult to make look realistic due to lighting imbalances.  Instead I simply copied Phil’s fingers and added them to free spaces on his hand.  Finally I adjusted the levels and blended the knuckles so that his new fingers they matched the rest of his hands.

My final surreal image is of one of the fountains at Elon University.  Though this image was not as difficult to produce, it took a very long time to copy the fountain and position all seventy layers!  I like how the shadow stretches evenly across the entire mega-fountain.

Underground Gallery Logo

13 01 2010

All of the Communications Fellows have designed logos for Elon University’s underground gallery in the basement of the communications building. After careful deliberation, I believe Rachel Southmayd created the best logo. I found the picture as a whole visually appealing, especially the way the text was ordered around the stairs.  I also felt that the surrounding small frames provided color and detail to the logo without distracting the reader from the main text.  Good job, Rachel!

First Pics

9 01 2010

So I’m not exactly the most experienced photographer, but these are some pictures I took around Elon University.  The main idea behind them was getting unique images of light and shadow.  Hope you like them!