About Me

My name is Sean Dolan.  I was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware but I currently attend Elon University in North Carolina studying communications.  I am currently a Media Arts and Entertainment major with a Concentration in Broadcast and New Media and a minor in History.  On campus I am an active member of One on One Sports, WSOE, and Swim Club; you can listen to a live feed of my radio shows at –


In my free time, I love to listen to music and play guitar.  I could spend a whole day jamming to Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band; he is hands-down my favorite artist of all time.  Some other musicians that I find especially appealing include U2, Green Day, and Bob Dylan.  Essentially, I love rock n’ roll and will listen to any rock music you recommend.  I have played guitar for five and a half years.  My Dad got me started, showing me a variety of chords and basic scales.  Eventually I taught myself how to learn music by ear; I cannot read sheet music, though I do look up tabs online when I find a song particularly challenging.  I play in my dorm and with my college band, Shades of Gray.

I love swimming with a passion, though I admit I did not particularly enjoy it when I was younger.  I began to take swimming seriously my junior year of high school, when I missed high school championships by .2 seconds…  in two different events!!  My senior year I made States in the 200 yard freestyle and 100 yard freestyle.  In the 200 I posted my personal best 1:56:32, a mark which I hope to match someday!

Finally, true to my northern Delaware roots, I am an avid Philadelphia sports fan.  GO FLEAGILLIXERS!


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